Our History

At 16 years of age, Jason Maciejewski, President of Maciejewski Landscaping Inc., took a risk.

He invested the small amount of money he had saved into a Lawn Mower. Hanging up  flyers

and making phone calls generated a handful of business for this entrepreneur. He spent a

couple summers cutting grass and cleaning up yards for the neighbors.

Satisfied neighbors verbalized their contentment with this youngster and the services he provided them. Business grew. Money- minded, so did his monetary savings. Taking another huge peril, Jason invested it all in a tractor, hoping to expand the services his adolescent business provided. It was a smart endeavor sparking many opportunities for the business. It worked.

His labor and sweat paid off as a small fleet of machines were purchased, clients thrilled, certifications were awarded, skills manifested and college degrees were earned. Culminating with Maciejewski Landscaping becoming official in 2002.

Today, a seasoned small business owner and company president, Jason Maciejewski and Maciejewski Landscaping Inc. have served well over 200 property owners in the Wayne County, PA and Sullivan County, NY area. Many of Maciejewski Landscaping’s clients are repeat customers. Depending on the Season, 3-5 skilled veteran employees fulfill the landscaping team. Maciejewski Landscaping is fully insured and provides free estimates for all of your landscaping needs, specializing in hardscaping.

From the hard-working teenager who started it all, to the company president, Jason Maciejewski and his employees strive for your personal satisfaction and collaborative handshake. Maciejewski Landscaping is in business for the people of the community and the improvement of their properties.